We conduct various skill up gradation trainings for rural poor artisans from time to time in the sector of Bamboo, Sabai and other Handicrafts, beside khali stitching for which we got support from Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India, New Delhi, UNIDO and NABARD


Over two decades of working for children and their families in Odisha, we've learnt that lasting change is only possible when we tackle the root causes that continue to keep them uneducated, exploited and vulnerable. Ensuring that thousands of children across India got the right nourishment, at the right time for a healthy, wholesome future. We have taken one step forward. The organization runs schools for the education of vulnerable children, where basic education being provided to poor and street children, most of them worked as rag picker, they are given basic training, education, cloth and educational aids, beside nutritious midday meals. The program runs with support from individual and corporate donors. All donation to SEBA is exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.
Educational assistance such as distribution of Books, Note Book, Geometry Box etc has been distributed to School going poor children, who were under the shadow of Leprosy, TB and AIDS. Beside this various leadership and talent development activities such as Quiz, drawing, debate has been conducted among the school students. The programme was initially supported by International Leprosy Union Health Alliance (ILU-HA) of Pune, Maharasthra. Now it runs with support from corporate and individual donors. We appeal generous donors as there is not a more crucial time to donate.


Our team of volunteers works for the Health camps and various Health Programmes round the year to ensure better health facility in remote hilly areas, without any medical facilities. Beside this special Health Camps were organized on world Health day 7th April. Mobile Health camps were organized in rural remote areas, in which thousands of people of nearby villages from various age group got free medical check up. On world AIDS Day 1st December , AIDS awareness camps were organized to give first hand information to the vulnerable groups & truck drivers playing on the National High Way. Around four thousand participants from various social back ground attended the camps. The program runs with support from individual and corporate donors.
On Anti leprosy day i.e. on 30th January, Seminar & awareness campaign were undertaken for prevention of leprosy for the highly sensitive areas in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Rehabilitation for leprosy cured persons as well as ILU-HA assisted programs were undertaken .


Aged care programme were under taken at Hatikote in which Sixty plus Age group beneficiaries were given nutritious midday meals, breakfast and periodic medical checkup. Beside they are distributed seed money to carry out their skills & hobbies which helps to generate their livelihood. The program runs with support from individual and corporate donors. All donation to SEBA is exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act .


Our resource person are contineously in search of the remedies of climate change and its effects on Human life and Agriculture. Environment protection camp were organised on World Environment Day '5th June' in each year. Where basic knowledge of environment protection, cleanliness and pollution were disseminated. Back yard plantation has been encouraged by distribution of fruit bearing plants among the villagers. We have also participated in National Environment Awareness Campaigns during last ten years with support from Environment & Forest Department, Govt of India. During which activities like demonstration of Vermin composting pit, Public Meeting on the theme of "Climate Change" issues were organized. Resource persons from Environmental science are invited for a public awareness and debate on the issue, Scientists like Dr Subrat Satapathy, Dr Narottam Sahoo, Dr S C Pal, Dr Surendranath Tripathy has joined the workshops as resource peron from time to time. Other field person like Sri Rabinarayan Senapati, Chief Soil chemist, Baripada, Mr Rabindra Padhiari, Advocate & Environmental activist, dr S P Mishra, Prof, Zoology and Ms Binapani Panda, Principal, SVSS, Sirisbani, Baripada, has also joined their hands in this issue.


OWe have promoted number of water harvesting structure in Samkhunta and Baripada block. One such water harvesting structure was done at Nuadihi with CAPART's assistance. Which irrigate 52 Acres of land beside proving basic water requirement to the villagers.


Our organization is a member of world Micro credit summit, a federation of women SHG's has been done, where three thousand women comprising three hundred SHG's are together for enhancement of their income as well as all round development. This helps in suistanable livelihood generation, beside women empowerment. The program runs with support from Govt, individual and corporate donors. All donation to SEBA is exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act.


We work for the development of rural mass by appropriate implementation of various technologies beside proper training and motivation. In this regard we work with RuTag, IIT Kharagpur. Rural industry service center (RISC) program was initiated in line with RuTAG, IIT, Kharagpur. Where unemployed youths are given training in various income generation activities such as Soap making, Extraction of edible oil from minor forest products, Making of Handmade papers and Paper Bag etc. Beside they are encouraged to setup there individual production units. The program runs with support from Govt, individual and corporate donors, which is exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act.


WAs the leading science & Technology based organization we have carried out various science awareness programmes from time to time with support from RVPSP, DST, Govt of India. The major programmes are 'Training of Resource Teachers for Conducting Open ended Experiments on Life Sciences using Vermicomposting as a Base', 'workshop on science communication through puppetry', 'Learning mathematics through origami', 'Nature camp', 'Workshop on science writing and journalism', Model rocketry, Community Radio etc.


Due to rapid industrialisation and emission of Carbon gas and green house effect, global warming is the main crises of the 21st century. The immediate effect is climate change and disaster. So our team of excerpts comprising personnel from various fields such as Environment, Agriculture etc are conducting research and analysis for hazardous effects of climate change and its mitigation. We are conducting disaster preparedness workshop, to create awareness among citizens for the alarming situation .


On Consumer rights Day 15th March, Consumer rights program was conducted, in which around two hundred number of participant participate. The participants are given information regarding rights of consumer's and protection thereof as per law . .


On international women's day 8th March, seminar and awareness programme for rights of women were conducted, in which women's trained about their protection, prevention of human trafficking, beside rights of women and Laws thereof .


Road safety awareness campaign has been observed during 1st week of January each year, to create awareness among Truck drivers for safe driving in National Highways.