Support Our Activities:-

Activities Value (in INR)
Support for flood victim RS.2,000.00
Notebooks & Textbooks RS.12,000.00
Bicycles RS.3,000.00
Computer Education RS.5,000.00
Solar Lights to remote village RS.18,000.00
Laboratory Equipment RS.20,000.00
Outdoor Play Equipment RS.10,000.00
School Infrastructure RS.50,000.00
Higher Education Assistance RS.10,000.00
Nutritious Meals RS.5,000.00
Kitchen Garden RS.7,500.00
Mosquito nets RS.1,000.00
Mobile health care facility to ten remote villages for one year RS.25,00,000.00
Septic Latrine / Toilets RS.20,000.00
One Health camp for one hundred beneficiary RS.25,000.00
Check Dam RS.1,50,000.00
Water Tank RS.40,000.00
Mechanized Pump RS.20,000.00
Poultry farming RS.30,000.00
Cow RS.15,000.00
Petty Shop RS.10,000.00
Tailoring RS.6,000.00
A Pair of Goats RS.7,000.00
Loan RS.10,000.00
Fruit Saplings RS.2,000.00
Rainwater harvesting RS.25,000.00
Pond Deepening RS.50,000.00
Drinking water for one village with 500 population RS.1,20,000.00
House Reconstruction kit RS.10,000.00
Emergency Relief Kit RS.2,500.00
Construction support for Aged care Home with Ten Beneficiary RS.20,00,000.00
Support for daycare center for Aged for six months RS.1,20,000.00
A foundation course school of 30 children run for one year with regular medical check up RS.2,00,000.00
Support for Village Library And Knowledge center RS.2,60,000.00